Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Middle Managers Will Be Forgotten

You taught and turned me into what I am with fire and steel and hurt and hate because that's what happened to you. But I will teach and turn with love and kindness. I will kill your spiral.


Cynthia said...

That is one of my favourite pictures on this site. I love the colours and chaoticness of it.

icenine said...

Easier said than done but we won't know until we try.

Tania said...

please, teach me...

Anonymous said...

Break that spiral. Rise above vice and brutality. Resist urges to become like your attacker just to survive.

You are not a victim. Not for long. If it helps, share in confidence what happened to you. But sharing what you did may bring the relief you seek.

Anonymous said...

gr8 stuff!
love those captions u hv on every photo..
tat made evry photo meaningful..
u know, not just blindly thrash in every pics u hv on tat slr of urs.

shows u're being very selctv

gr8 stuff..

i'd love to c sumthg tat inspires.cant wait 4 tat!!

keep rockin' =))

amyblake said...

the majority of your writing/pictures brings tears to my eyes.
don't stop writing.

v said...

love this

Anonymous said...

we SHOULD break the spiral.

those who follow are those who do not have enough strength or courage to break apart. or creativity.

thank you.