Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rose Is Not Always A Rose

You can be in love and you can be in a relationship. But they're not always the same thing.


Cassandra Hull said...

And then there's the times when you're not in a relationship. And you're not in love. But you're in like. And so are they. And you sometimes hold hands and kiss...waiting for their decision.

And somehow, in your gut, you feel like maybe you're making the biggest mistake in the world. When you're with them, it dissipates. Being held has a way of doing that.

But when you're apart, oh when you're just can't shake it.

Tania said...

You know what I'm thinking about... and you always find the right words

honeydice ★ said...
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M said...

maybe because the timing has always been wrong? Why can't I be in love and in a relationship with the object of my affections. Why do I always have to stand afar and quietly suffer.

Cynthia said...

Oh, this is so true. I just wish someone could be in love with me for once. I don't want to ever get tired of being in love, but I swear to god I will get tired of this someday, because it's always just me and never them.

Anonymous said...

you kill me with the truth, things that I don't want to think about- I have tough choices to make today

Anonymous said...

This hits far too close to what I'm dealing with. Sometimes you can be in a relationship and grow the love, but how long should I have to wait for that?

Miss B said... can be in love, or you can love. And those are not always (or even often, perhaps) the same thing, either.

I'll take the latter over the former any day.


Just because you are in love, it doesnt necessarily mean you have to be together.

For all you know, this was why i chose to go.

Emily said...

Too true. I thought I was both in love AND in a relationship...turns out after 4 years together he's only in the relationship.

Sara Downton said...


E. said...

It's really rare to find a relationship with real, unconditional love nowadays.This is what I'm looking for and I won't settle for less even if that means I will have to be alone for a long time.

Anonymous said...

This is what I've been having to deal with for this whole year.

Anonymous said...

i love you. the relationship ended, but my love didn't. i hope yours didn't either. i hope you still read this, see this comments, and know somehow that it's me telling you this, still saying that i love you.

Anonymous said...

That is so true. So very often when I see couples together I wonder if they are just together to be with someone, or if they are in love.

And it hurts to see all these indifferent people together, when you see some people aching in love for the other person; knowing you are one of the aching souls.

Anonymous said...

I only wish I wasn't forced - by you - to look from afar. I'd tell myself this isn't love, couldn't be love, because you did not love me anymore. But I think that's okay. I'm getting over you once again.

just an update said...

i am in love, but not in a relationship......or i am?.....mines undecided.....

kimberly anne said...

got that right....

[i hate anonymous comments so much. they make me paranoid]

Shandra E...*the misses said...

and sometimes you've been in love so long, that you 'are' in a "relationship": some unspoken, non-official, dysfunctional relationship...too afraid to commit to what has a potential ending! you love so hard because you know the love will never end, but it's the commitment..."what if we fail"?? "what if it isn't meant to be"?? rather deal with all the what-ifs IF it means love will lasts forever........

&& sometimes FEAR cancels out LOVE.

Like driving with your foot constantly riding the brakes...eventually, you wont have enough of anything to keep the ride GOing and soon you'll just Stop.

finding my way said...

You always know just what I need to hear. I've made my decision. Thank you. I'm going to stop hurting him and let go of this relationship.

Nadia said...

I'm always in love.
But I'm hardly ever in a relationship.
Though I manage to reach this "non-official, dysfunctional relationship" onesided thing, everytime.
I am aware of this. I am aware of it's onesidedness and still. (Geez, I even live monogam, though there's nothing between use that would justify that.) I keep on holding on to them. Telling myself "You can love with all your heart. No questions asked."
And "I don't need you to love my back." And it's true somehwat. It does not minimize my love, that they don't love me back. Secretly I'm hoping that some day they will.

I am an emotional whore. I go whoring for emotions. I dedicate my body and soul to chaps, of which I know that they've already wasted all their love.

I love love. I love being in love.
But Iain, I am tired. I am just really tired now.

jacq said...

Nadia, you articulated what i wanted to say so well.

nadia said...

alright jacq, so what to do.

stop running fully speeded into that one persons direction, stop dashing our heads and shoulders against doors, of which we know they won't ever open. good start.
running and dashing and trust, eminated from sources unknown, are qualified to warn 'em off.

give in the haunting, stay in our own four walls and wait till somebody walks in by themselves?

well, i haven't gained anything from waiting so far.

and although there is this kind of person out there, to whom you are that someone and who is that someone to you, does not mean that you are supposed to find them, or they are supposed to find you. though that does certainly not happen througout waiting.

i think, the answer is as simple and general as it is idle. balance. tadaa.

the balance between reflection & action, consideration & seduction, adapting & changing your surroundings, stay where and who you are & go up to them et cetera.

N said...

until this day i always feel like i'm one of the lucky few that are in a relationship with the one i love, but reading this made me wonder if he feels the same. i feel guilty for doubting his feelings yet i really want to ask him if it's true. but i'm in love with this quote

Nunu Fithria said...

ah beautiful. and truthful

Shallowsleep said...

Simple and very true.

Anonymous said...

can someone please explain this quote to me?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think what the writer is saying is that being in a relationship doesn't always mean you're in love and being in love doesn't always mean you're in a relationship. You can have both but having one doesn't necessarily mean you have the other.

Unknown said...

I've finally found something that identifies with my thinking. I love staying in the non-commitment "happening" stage and not move on. Am I too paranoid that it'll end up in tragedy like before? because it did before.

at the rate i, the ultimate commitment phobe, am going, nothing's ever going to materialize. love confuses me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love but not in a relationship

A.Faith said...

I'm in love.
With him but he doesn't realize it.
Probably till I'm gone.
And never come back.

I don't know what I saw in him,
but I really do wish he won't play around with my feelings in the first place!
I was furious.
No. I was less than that but I was sad. Yea, on the top of that, I've been in love with him for nearly 4 years!

I can't no longer wait..
I can't no longer stand with this heartache.

I love you but I love myself more.

I love you,
if it's our fate,
we shall meet again anyway..

I love you.. :')

It was nice knowing you.

A.Faith said...

*I can no longer wait..
I can no longer stand with this heartache.

and this is what happen when u really miss someone tho at the same time u kind of .. hate him.

for ignoring u.


hope u're fine.
Hope u're happy in ur life anyway..

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