Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Flowers Of 3753 Cruithne

Truly great people were once called weird so that today, you aren't called anything.


singitwithme said...

I wish I knew what is going through your mind.
I wish we could have a natural, regular conversation.
I wish I could comfort you.
I wish you would tell me we'll be alright.
I wish you would tell me if I have said or done something to hurt you so I can know what I am sorry for.
I wish if I have you remember never to doubt love.
I wish I didn't have to miss you, constantly.

Chop Logik said...

ps. -call me

ongho said...

Perhaps, the flowers of 3753 Cruithne possess beautiful and strange organs and parts, even hearts, and shimmer ever under a weird alien sky, colored by the light of faint ancient stars, dancing with the sun, dreaming of the embrace of angels.

Perhaps, the flowers of 3753 Cruithne shall, some day, join with the flowers of Earth.

Lan said...

oh my, that is AMAZING..
reminds me of one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's quotes, "To be great is to be misunderstood."

zonedin said...

I am so thankful they were proud to handle this pain, because my mind may not be as open if not for them. They are my heroes!

Unknown said...

what if we are called wierd today? Does it mean that we will be called great some day?

The Enchantress said...

Cute once used to be ugly but tolerable...things have changed and so..the meaning of words.Hot once only meant tea...These days we find food sexy and men yummy ;)

Anonymous said...

“I feel I have loved the most extraordinary man of our age”
Anais may have felt it
but the difference is
I. know. it.

Underneath the blank page
below the cadence the notes the bars
the sheets of music
beneath the pen the piano the keyboard the brush
behind the lens

They hear the most amazing composition
paintings drawings
these photographs of pure beauty

Most will never appreciate
Most will never feel but will say they do,
because they think the person next to them *gets it*
A few will understand
Most will brush you aside will jest will never listen
because of popular opinion

My dearest,
I hope you never win an award
because it’s *their* award
their folly

They cannot see the hands behind
they cannot feel this heart
(your heart)
the heart of a lion
the heart the world needs to see –
this heart is the treasure
this heart is the miracle

So you write you sing you play you paint you compose,
your heart open to the world
I am your lioness
I will always stand
between them and you
I will protect you

so that one day,
the few,
who understood,
can be the normal ones again

**Playlist** Protection by Massive Attack. Closing In by Immi Heap. Leave Me Here by Hem. Because those songs will always be for you.