Monday, June 21, 2010

The Paint Hides The Brick

You took all my words when all I wanted to do was say them.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh no :(

Get those words back, grab them, steal them and throw them back out!

singitwithme said...

Why not say those words now? I'm listening as always. The "ordeal," the insults... even through all of the punishments, If given the opportunity I still choose you. You and only you. Why? The answer is simple. The answer is love.


P.S. I cannot live without you. Absence would not be punishment... it would be torture.

zonedin said...

I would get them back for you in a heartbeat just to hear them.

J. said...

and forced me to be soundless in a room of expression - how could you?

when you walked away, those words followed behind.

i was left, speechless and soundless .

because of your


Anonymous said...

you ask how am i doing..and suppose am all fine.
it makes you feel better.i think.

but not me.

ongho said...

False true words
said too early
to you.
Give them back.
They are mine.

I shall chain every one
to my tongue.

Stephanie Kim said...

Wow, this is lovely.

Yours Truly said...

Paint wears thin, maybe your words will come back again.
I want to know what you have to say, please don't keep your words away.

SunshineAndChocolate said...

i looked into your eyes, and saw nothing but fire. reminding me of the way the sun sets the clouds on fire. i'm speechless. and i don't even care what i was going to say. i could stay here forever. lost in you.

Hopeless Romantic said...

And so true.

xiaOerzi said...

I love you, only you. Do you feel that my heart is pounding so loud ? I feel it is jumping out of my chest... Because of you, my love. You are torturing me by not talking to me. I need to hear your voice. I need to feel your touch. I love you and I miss you like hell. How could I possibly live without you. Your scaredy cat, much love

Erimentha said...

:) perfection!


Anonymous said...

I was so mad when you told me that you loved me first. I had never told someone that I loved them first. I wanted you to be the one that I said I love you to first.

I wanted you to hear it,
and not have to say anything back,
so you could know how much I meant it.

I love you. I love you.
I can write these words now,
and know that you see them,
and know that you can't respond.
And even if you don't reciprocate,
if it's not the same love,
if I never see you again,
if this chance slips through our fingers -

Nothing before this,
nothing after this,
immutable indissoluble always always know
nothing can alter these words
from my lips to your ears,
until we tear this world & ourselves apart,

I love you.


Lucy R said...

I took them away because there was no meaning behind them. Your words,never add up to your actions. Guess Im just tired of being disappointed. You understand.....right? =/

Whatever said...

You can take your words back, it's always too much to soon or too little to late; I can never tell.

Katia said...

Just discovered your blog, it's lovely ♥