Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Things Sold By The Sea Shore

I could've sworn I was telling the truth when I told you I didn't miss you.


Wenchy said...


suddenlyissoon said...

You the time

J. said...

but theres a gaping hole in the memory of my soul that your presence still holds - and i just remembered it.

Helen said...

sometimes we lie to ourselves to alleviate our grief. consequently, only hurting ourselves more. be truthful to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I miss you.


Ciara said...

This hit me..

Unknown said...

I said I was glad we ended. The box of memories I keep by my bed tell a different story.

Dylan said...

Just because I don't think of you everyday, doesn't mean I don't miss you.

Anonymous said...

I tried to bury you
to lock you away
to cover you up

I tried to run away
to hide

I tried to kiss others
those that meant little
those I had loved before
those I still loved

I tried to wish you away
I tried to lie
I tried to pretend I did not see

When that didn't work,
I prayed

And still
the truth remains
the more I try to forget,
the more I try to push you away,
the more you will not fade

A million stars cannot lie
I miss you,
and why is everyone
not you?

busy hands & hopeful heart & accepting mind =
my wishing star


Anonymous said...

i miss him
but i cant tell him that i do
cause i afraid that i need him more than he need me...

ongho said...

My heart speaks simply
in true red blood,
my tongue lies before you

You lie, at my shore
of windy blood
a sea never lying

zonedin said...

There is no profit in in lying to myself, but only in keeping you safe, like a pearl within my heart.

Nicky said...

This is an amazing post for me personally. Yesterday I went to the beach and I just missed him so much. I threw my best friend of four years away for nothing. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

i hope that happens to me. i really believe i don't miss you right now...

Kleigh said...

I'll take back every hurting words I've thrown at your way.

Instead I'll say the words you want to hear.

Just say you miss me back.

Alyaa said...

but we both know that I'm lying.

Red Line District said...

And then, my love, I would be a fool for believing you.
After all, I did miss you too.

Hopeless Romantic said...

I guess I'll just have to get used to this feeling. I guess I'll just always miss you.

You were my first love, after all. They say nobody really forgets that.

Unknown said...

I wish I didn't miss him as much as I do, though everyday I try so hard to forget him, I try to remember all the bad things just to cover the good ones and tell myself I'm getting over him, that we weren't meant to each other, but anytime alone crash my mind with million of memories, good and bad, but finally you, my true love, my only love.