Friday, June 25, 2010

The Place Sentences Go To Die

No one knows where the words come from and if someone tells you that they do, they're lying.


LaMartínez said...

Words don`t come from. They have always been.

ongho said...

Final Edit

The final words of the creaky senile sentence, as it faded into non-existence out of blurry old 12-point Roman print, as the back cover closed for the last time, were an attempt at perverse conjugation.

The eternal Editor was not well pleased. She sentenced the sentence to eternal edition, sending it to recycle endlessly with neologisms, newspaper headlines, copy from Viagra ads, and the profane writings of Mark Twain.

Unknown said...

I guess this one is for people who copy your thoughts.

Anonymous said...


It’s the inside pull
the same familiar visceral need for expression
and compassion
this intrinsic magnetization
to help
to sift through
to lift
to touch
to reach
to hold
and only her)

It comes from the dissonance you perceive
in relation to how completely you love her,
and how sometimes,
she will just look away,
so casually
so carelessly
In a moment, where you were
So open
So willing
So connected

And there are these
miles and miles
of empty air space
where you will never be able to
just. quite. say.
exactly what she means
to you

But the truth is,
(the truth, my dearest)
is those words have always been on that paper

Whatever said...

I once believed that just by saying something it became a lie, but I guess it can't be true now. The truth can't be said, but the right words can make a difference even if there not exactly true.

zonedin said...

I thought I knew where the words came from... but I am not in control anymore. Coming, going, or dying before fully formed... It's out of my power. The truth lies somewhere between.