Monday, June 14, 2010

The Taking Of Turns

You are in some songs that still get played on the radio when the DJ is feeling nostalgic.

You are in a book you once lent me (never returned) with yellowed pages.

You are in trees when I touch them, even ones without names carved into them.

You are in the way someone on the street laughs as I pass them.

You are in a box I keep filled with letters.

You are in a ring I no longer wear.

And, every day, you each get a moment to haunt me.


Anonymous said...

and they are now ghosted onto a page by your love of memories....good write

Anonymous said...

you are in everything i see, the shadows on the wall, in my nightmares, and your whisper in the wind.

منة said...

I miserably fail to understand the possibility of that happening

Anonymous said...

and you are the scent of perfume in a crowded train.
a train i know you didn't take that morning, yet i keep looking around hoping to see you.

my senses fail me.

Unknown said...

You are in everything i feel
In everythig i see
Within me outside me,over me beneath me,in every wisp of air that touches me in every heartbeat that is in me, surrrounded by you yet so far sometimes so near that would want to run afar

RENJ said...

You are in the photographs we once took.

You are in the gaps and spaces of the in between from here on till my last breath.

You are in the imprint of my pillowcase where you once laid.

You are in the depths of my heart, that cold aching pain which tremors my core even now.

You are and you were everything.

Always will be.

L said...

there is no place in town i could go
without thinking about us and what we had a summer ago.

Whatever said...

You are in my dreams that I wake from night after night.

You are in the Breath like waves crashing through the holes in my heart.

You are in me, hidden in every word and gesture, the reason I believe.

J. said...

you are even pasted on the insides of my eye lids each time i blink and when i sleep.

you are in the flavor of my taste buds reminding me what it felt like.

you are in the shadow of my stature when there is no light shining down.

you are still you, even though i am no longer around.

Unknown said...

this one hits home perfectly. fantastic piece.

R! said...

You are in me... every time i breathe, you run inside me and kill me with a piercing pain!!

This one hits hard and strikes all the right chords!!

Wonderful... kp writing

ongho said...

You are the bird
fluting by my window
lilting, falling, alone
oh! in the distance
an echo.

cynical bones said...

i keep your hope in my bones

the winter isn't so cold anymore.

Unknown said...

<3 this

zonedin said...

And you all tickle my heart as ever you did!

.eileenemily. said...

you are a memory on my lips. though i can't remember all these years later exactly what you tasted like, i remember how it felt to be tasting you.
you are the scent of the steam rising from the asphalt after a summer evening's thunderstorm.
you are the dull ache in my knees during cold, dreary, wet winter days.
and there is not a single day anymore that isn't at leas half yours.
and you don't even know of all these tiny treasures you hold.
it kills me.

Anonymous said...

you are in your house, three down from mine, haunting me. you are the gazes i feel when i mow the lawn, you are always that other car that i meet at the intersection when i pull out of my driveway.
please please please let me be.

Anonymous said...

funny how
the breaking down of walls
these cardboard cut-outs
vulnerabilities collapsing behind digital walls
and dual mountains

funny how
all it takes
(all it took)
was the right word, the right phrase
(after so many words, so many years of words)
to see behind this mask
(your mask)
to conjure ghosts
(this ghost)

funny how
it's not really all that funny
that now -

now -

I listen to your song sometimes
(just to hear your voice)

I remember
you sitting next to me
playing your song
the volume at 33
(always at 33 with you)
and I could reach over
my hand on your thigh

I listen to your song sometimes
(just to hear the breath you take,
before you start a verse)

funny how
after all this time
after so many masks
behind so many songs,
behind so many verses
all it took was layers and layers of
subtlety and binary sky
to break me down

(to break you down


Unknown said...

some things are funny when happen to others :)

Big Mark 243 said...

Because I am confused about your policy, I don't know if I should link to this entry or no... this post feels like everyone who let that person slip out of their life and from their grasp... and the comments that it has inspired...

... you write some great stuff, Iain...

Raquel said...

Just made me tear up. Beautiful.

yingying said...

So I guess, there's never forgetting or letting go... just getting used to.

Anonymous said...

this is so incredibly beautiful, thank you.

Unknown said...

oh man, this one really got me. I am amazed at your ability to create this poetic posts that really pierce right through you. so moving.

xiaOerzi said...

Lovers haunt each other

Lola LaLa said...

He told me "Men turn around easily without looking back, but after a while... they look back"

I told him "Perhaps, perhaps..."

I'm watching him walk away until I can see him no longer...even after that...long after that, I stand there, watching him walk away. Him haunting me, hurting me, loving me...

Maybe it's because I felt every sensation of his absence... of this abandonment, this loss...

After a while...
When he looked back... I had disappeared from his sight... I never thought standing here, waiting for you ...
You would disappear from me as I disappeared from you...

Gemma Rose said...

so beautiful... <3

LibraryGirl62 said...

The tears that have threatened me from behind my eyelids are now hitting me hard. Not only are YOU there for me, all your friends seem to be too. What a wonderful, creative, thoughtful place in the universe you have here.

Karyn RR West 1 said...

Boo!!! See. Avoid that scenario. This is exactly why I'm trying to reengineer the entire damn Universe so that it makes sense with logic and behavior and natural pattern design that has been overlooked as man has increasingly taken man and the planent's well being into man's own hands but with all the wrong motives in mind.

At least there is not a blank soul caught in the wake. Bless and thank the both of you for that.

As a species, I would think we could do better than infrastructural relationship model that fail characters like my own time and time again to the point that I just said f7ck it and feel in Love with myself and the Vision my mind is capable of that it does not act on for the proection of others while constantly holding out for that minimally known all to well mythical standard of 'balancing' Dreem girl that should have existed a long time ago were this capitalist faux jungle apparently anything slightly less wretched and creature destroying than it seems to be for some strange reason that I was not made aware of in the memo prior to path choice. But I digress.

Sign the Vent.

K. I'm Better now!!! w00t!!! Now if I can just fine )ne that Loves me without the money and believes in equity-like investment of Souls in Future Brands of

Anonymous said...

until the last line,
i thought it was about one person.

then again, maybe it was.

Anonymous said...

It gets better everyday but I still miss you Andy.