Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Refracted Night

You forget that, in the dark, we must move closer together in order to see each other. You were never alone.


Annah said...

That's not the only reason to move closer together. I loved this line :)

Anonymous said...

Argh. I love this.

zonedin said...

It comforts me to see you, though when I cannot feel you I get scared.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I needed
the night
the shadows
the darkest days
so my direction, my path –
my truth –
would deflect back
to you

And it is only through
the light of the stars
(tasting the distance,
like falling tears)
that I can feel you next to me
in the dark of this night,
my love


Speciosus Mente said...

why is it that you are the one who writes the words I NEED to hear? <3 this

Speciosus Mente said...

Why is it that you friend, are the one with the words I NEED to hear?

At Least I am aware of the words that I deserve. <3 your mind and your heart

ongho said...

is where love begets life
where hunger ends it.

zonedin said...

Seeing you brings me comfort, but to feel your presence, is all I need.

Whatever said...

I can see you even from the other side of the world, All I have to do is close my eyes and your right here inside me.

jill said...

Please move closer. I can't see you at all right now.

Alyaa said...

If only you can see me standing next to you.

GG said...

This is pure bliss...

Unknown said...

That image is John Marston from Red Dead Redemption? The photographer took a blurred picture of a video game?

Me said...


Jon, the photographer took a picture of a billboard in a subway that happened to be for the game Red Dead Redemption. It's not the video game itself, no. If you go back through the entries, you'll notice that Jon occasionally will snap edges/parts of the comercial installations that we share our public space with.

I have a good friend who does nothing BUT take pictures inside video games, as art


I personally really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption but Jon, however, doesn't play video games.

Thank you for your interest,