Monday, January 5, 2009

The End Of That

If you thought that was our second chance, you're wrong. It was our last.


Alix Dahl said...

This made me cry.

Dammit, of all the things you had to say today.

I've read every single entry. And this one...I don't know why.

At least I don't wear makeup that I have to re-do now...?

Anonymous said...

well one shud be given a second chance, otherwise how can one ever rectify??

Anonymous said...

but you were the one who told me that every day, every second was a new chance. it can't have been the last. it just... can't.

Me said...

Life gives us second chances all the time. They're just not always with the same people.

I'm sorry for making you cry but glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

LittleO said...

dear love,

i will give you as many second chances as you need.

we will never have a "last chance."

i promise -- no matter how badly you screw it up, there will always be another chance waiting. it is something i simply, for sheer foolish hope, cannot deprive you of.

i promise you that, love.

<3 o.

p.s. : just remember, before you start throwing away chances left and right, that each chance you ruin brings me that much closer to collapse.

rah, said...

i told you, matthew. i told you again and again that i was all in or not at all.
i told you there was no going back.
i'll miss you.

@wordnomad said...

After giving someone too many chances, it only takes something small to break the golden chain that bind you together. That just happened to me today. It wasn't her second chance. It was her last. Thank you for putting it into words.

Anonymous said...

i need more chance. but not now. i'm not ready. would you wait when i am?

Anonymous said...

I feel the same.

debtink said...

And when you get to the end, and you know it's the end - the best thing you can do for yourself and for the other is be clear.

To know the time has past and there are no more chances is freeing.

To Little o:
You should give no one power to collapse you with their honesty.

Anonymous said...

Every time is the last time.

Anonymous said...

How ironic maybe I was the one being optimistic thinking it was a "second" chance. But sometimes I wonder if you acted the way you did knowing this was our last chance.