Monday, January 26, 2009

The Moment My Skin Brushed Against Yours

But really, all we want, and I speak for the entire human race here, is contact. Someone to let us know that we aren't alone. That the world isn't a dream and you and I really are happening at the same time, even if it's not in the same place. That this is real. You're really there. I'm really here. We're real.

This is real.


alix the elf said...

I think maybe it feels the most real when you're alone. Recently alone.

Wounds sting fresh.

But it also feels real when someone reminds you that aren't alone...why do one of the most terrible things and one of the best things make me feel the same?'re right.

M said...

Wow. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly how i felt after my breakup almost a year ago

Gray skies said...

Hello i think your photographies has something special.. and its story below contains many trues..

Greetings for you
Good bye

Anonymous said...

This is so achingly true.

Anonymous said...

you always have the most perfect timing

aneka said...

I definitely feel this post deep in my heart.

Recently been looking for contact, I'm missing my long distance boyfriend.

So true, so true.

Mila said...

But what is real? What is reality?
I am afraid to know.

love in sadness said...

"even if it's not in the same place."

I believe that long distance relationships work. If you are meant to be, then you are meant to be.

glam said...

you have tell what i can not to tell..

feel alone when he was gone forever..
miz him every time,..