Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Air Never Saw It Coming

If the air ever pushes its luck, if it dares to get between me and you, I will cut it, kill it and let it bleed blue.


Yetshin Chai said...


Anonymous said...

I say have at it. Cut the air. make it bleed

Lucy R said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome... -mdm

cynical bones said...

when we are that close, i don't need it.

Miss Philosophy said...

Even in the darkness, every color can be found. And every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground. Joss Whedon, Zack Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jed Whedon, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, 2008

vox said...

where do you get these ideas ?

nianchee said...

i believed you.

i watched you cut and kill and then i watched you bleed.
you bled tears, dark red.

you fought back. slashing yourself deeper.

but you know it just as well i do.
the air, was nothing but a mere excuse for me and you.

Whatever said...

The air wont see, but she feels everything. no need for luck, when your that connected to the weather. You call the storm and that blood might burn like fire.

Anonymous said...

without parachutes
into the wide open bleeding blue

I can feel you
across the universe
through miles and miles
of stratosphere
Aeolian nerves curl up against
(meeting this feeling)
of you all the way over there
(and somehow still standing
next to me)

through this
irrespirable atmosphere
until the other side is
I abandon all rights to my heart
through your pliant hands

A bright beautiful surrender
to your breath


p.s. Dear Me: I can't think of anything sexier than a graphic designer who writes his own copy. Just sayin' :)

Anonymous said...

close the door behind me.

singitwithme said...

You have morphed into my lighthouse, and I refuse to change course now. There is no going back to the vast, empty black choppy water. The lighthouse is the destination called home...

Anonymous said...

Air?? I wish that were the only barrier between you and I.

We're not as lucky as some.
That is, if you love me.

zonedin said...

I thought it was the air that I was breathing, but now I know it was you.

yingying said...

What a delightful threat, I must say.

N.N. said...

This is wonderfully written.

Unknown said...

go ahead and cut me, I'd like go get between you. after all, you booth did treat all your friends like dead air.

Andy V said...

Sweet Heavens! Now that I have already went through a few pages of your blog I found the words that completely, perfectly and wonderfully describe what I have been feeling for the last couple of days. I want him so much I want to fight everything between us, even the air. Even if it's impossible - I don't care. You and I can feel it so it definitely is not an illusion only. X

Unknown said...

And nothing can seem to keep me away from you. Even the air can be threatening. It can fatal if I let it separate us. Because you may think it is nothing, but air is distance and distance is me from you....i wonder what color it would bleed?