Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wall Of Days

You will never meet anyone who has done something great who waited for permission to do something great.


Helen said...


Unknown said...

This post reminded me of this work.

Thank you for your posts.

Justine said...

So true.

cynical bones said...

i can be your muse if you be my moon

twizzle said...

i wrote this for you

singitwithme said...

I'm exhausted but still I'm
just staring at
a fuzzy moon through
the branches of an oak;
plus some wispy
cloud formations...

I comfort myself
with the knowlege - which
is derived from lessons
from education that

The moon, should...

offer comfort that
the sun will appear

They rely upon one another.

<3 False path! May the sun and the moon guide me home...

We see the same moon and sun. Only the cloud formations tend to differ. Due to geography.

Hope to correct that
Oh, I dunno...

come Fall?

learned that..

Miss Philosophy said...

Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. Madonna (1958 - )

Me said...


You're right, they're very similar. Mine is based off a poem I wrote and performed with the West River Onion Packers Association on 2/25/10 at a design conference. The specific sentences I was riffing/rephrasing here are

"Who waited for briefs to do something amazing.

Who never knew they didn’t need permission to change the world."

I've republished the poem on my spare blog, as I took it down after the performance. You can read that here:

zonedin said...

I don't mean to be contrary, but I was just reading a biography of Mother Teresa and she had to ask permission from many people for much of what she did. She knew it would be a struggle, but was very persistent. Pope Paul VI probably understood that if he didn't approve.. she'd just go do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

the arrogrance, of father-time

Anonymous said...

My point exactly.