Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Day Owl

When all I want to do is sleep, all want makes me do, is think about you.


Unknown said...

I just said something almost identical to this yesterday. It's crazy how much this applies to my life right now.

please. just let me sleep. i can't handle these thoughts anymore.

singitwithme said...

Why not act on that want? We've come so far and built so much love. I've been willing to walk away from all that I have for you. Because I love you. And you know it, too. If the probability is zero then just set me free but broken. I'd still have my red journals that contain our memories.

zonedin said...

The wanting keeps me awake/alive... I don't care if I ever sleep if it means forgetting you.

Aparna said...

This was written for me.

kerrie elaine said...

to write something so beautiful shouldn't be possible. but you're possible.

and that's why when i close my eyes, i know god is real.

Anonymous said...

funny. i'm having the same issue tonight. he just continuously takes stabs at my heart.

The Enchantress said...

so true...
happens with me too...

Anonymous said...

and when i do, i get all the rest i need.

btw, the picture is nice =)

Dear... said...

It feels like you are writing about my life! Its crazy how much similarities there is in your writings to what I ma going through right now.

Alyaa said...

I just can't get you out of my head no matter how hard I try :(

That Blond Guy said...

Ooh...I like this picture.

rivercat said...

Dearest goddess
I would say life got in the way
but that would not be totally honest,
( but in fact it has)
The whole truth is ...Love got in the way...

the forecast is not always clear
sometimes dark with a touch of frightening
but I dont need to look near the horzion
during times of self reflection &
self doubt

when i look into the night
and the clouds come
and it's hard to see you
the good part of me knows youre there
behind the veils of this reality
or that , each to their own
yet all imperfectly the same

I sense you
in the beating, and bleating of my heart...
my goddess
some think you a star, i do
the elusive you, the imperfectly perfect you
whatever, whoever you truly, truely
i love you

I hesitated to post this because i am insecure
and its not really my style
I want to make this point though: If i post
realizing and accepting that some few may make fun of me,
.this is after all real life
.I want to swim in your ocean , not thiers. Dont hold back at least not always
especially if you know; you could do better..try something new..not there yet etc.
dont listen to that nonsense!
I want to be your friend, not theirs, I love you not them.
I dont want to understand them, but I want to understand you

Thank you IWRFY...youve heard it before,
but ive never said it and I should have by now

Anonymous said...

Because I'm not sleeping next to you.



Anonymous said...

Right Now She. Is Set Her Baby Owl Free. She Fly For Her Hands.

J. said...

and i don't want to think about you. i don't want to think about you. i don't. want. to think. about. you.

yet, i still do. :/

Anonymous said...

i'm not tired because i am thinking of you. constantly. but, it's not a bad thing. it's the one activity i never get bored of. the one activity that doesn't wear me out.

lucy said...

You're the last thought that passes through my head before I drift into subconscious sleep...