Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Fire At Sea

When the tide goes out for the last time, all the shipwrecks will be waiting for us and the bones of the earth will shine bright white in the sun.

When the tide goes out for the last time, I'll meet you by the planes that never made it past Bermuda.

When the tide goes out for the last time, I swear, we will have nothing left to lose.


n. said...

Your words give me strength. I had missed reading your blog.

Jesse said...

this begs to be put to music.

Anonymous said...

When the tide came in the first time, all the
pirate kings and treasure chests and the breath of
adventure was drowned in the rushing swirl of blue.

When the tide came in the first time, I cried and reached for your hand as I sank like the Titanic.

When the tide came in for the first time, I swore that I'd never touch the water until we were together again

Anonymous said...

Sinking Ships. Grains Of Sand. Made From Shells. Hit By Daily Waves. Towers Of Knowledge and Hope.Climb Higher. Upon The Steel Frame. Or Watch It Fall.

Miss Philosophy said...

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Confucius, Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC)

JSB said...

It's pitiful that sometimes some of us, allow our fears to keep us back from Love, until this time .... when Its really too late. What good is it if there is nothing to lose? There is no joy in guaranteed safety.

zonedin said...

When the tide goes out for the last time.. all will be revealed and we will be free.

wuland said...

i admire your words.
sounds beauty.

singitwithme said...

I keep awakening to fitfull bad dreams that I know are attributed to the fitfull bad reality... that we are apart; still, in reality. And I have nothing to lose aside from the happiness I feel certain that I can provide by waking up one day and finding myself with you. Instead.

Anonymous said...

Today is
The threshold between
the contours of the world
and the place where you & I could stretch forever

Today is
The collapsing of
internal adolescent dialogues
vagrant seas
lonely moonlight fireflies in the rain

Today is
circumspect footfalls
the gait, the cautious measure of one who is
falling through
these tissue thin

I finger this periphery
because I am on the (dark)
this vantage point
from today
shows me
shipwrecks a compass God not from a church capricious light
and I need,
I need you to be
my lighthouse a linear interpolant not a stranger in here
interlope the fine inner lacings the trajectory the place inside of me
where the tide ends
and you and I could stretch forever

tomorrow is not promised
tomorrow is not a contract
and neither is the sun,
my dearest


singitwithme said...

Stunning. You, fine Sir, have managed to knock me off my feet yet again. And so as ever I am left wanting and needing more.

The thing about lighthouses is that they are easy to find and they will never let you down. They weather many relentless storms with relative ease and remain intact for the sunny days that surely must follow. There is always a lonely attendant on duty, waiting for the ship to come in. Also, in their own quiet way they exist to calm a Captain's fears of ever having to sink along with his vessel that carries his crew.

The lighthouse is there solely to aid the Captain, and the fact lighthouses are a pretty sight is irrelevant to it's overall purpose.

XX Love,
Guess Who?

Anonymous said...