Monday, July 19, 2010

The Distance From Here To Autumn

I wondered if every road was connected to every other road. I wondered if I touched it, if maybe somewhere, you would know.


Maleeka said...

you are amazing.

cynical bones said...

and if i walk barefoot everywhere, maybe one day my footprint will touch yours. and i think that would be enough.

Laura Jean said...

...Like the way all the veins are connected to your heart.

some tall, stable girl. said...

Oh, my

Unknown said...

whenever I read your words I just feel like closing my eyes and...dream!
Thank you for the wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

So romantic. If only we paid enough attention to things like that.

p.s: The photo is stunning. How did he do it?

singitwithme said...

There is no trace of the one I love, the one I ask permission to love. No footprints, and that is deliberate. Why? So very much in my life and the direction to choose depends on the answer. Is there already someone new? That would break my heart but if so you must set me free.

I want to hear about all of your dreams, regardless, but I need to know, definitively, whether or not I stand a chance. Of us. If so I will walk, despite the obvious difficulties involved. Because it is you that I love. Let me know sometime, please? I can't go on in this way.

Carpe Diem. ♥

singitwithme said...

Or are you still not over her? I guess that could be it. So confused.

Anonymous said...

Bending down to place my hand
on amber trails

the distance from here to
has been:
gray hopeless nights colored with tears so hot I could feel them on my face
in the steaming shower
(because this was the only place I could cry)
has been,
the most truthful letter I could have ever written,
finding, finally,
words I have needed to say to you
the distance to
has been:
a bright unabashed daring to hope, a deluge swelling into the sky,
breaking prayers open
has been disbelief, a refusal to believe because
sometimes its scary to hope
especially when the only way to get over you
is to make all of these soft places you love, hard
the distance to
has been
hours of puzzling out
screwing up my face, wrinkling up my nose
in concentration
(I can figure out a way, I swear)
and prudent steps
because sometimes the path to you is the path out of here
and its thorny,
it demands cautious feet
the distance to
d a y s
merely days,
my love

I could count them on my fingers
But for now,
I will just
working, because
busy hands = steps on the path to

singitwithme said...

You offer me hope when I need it most. I think you are amazing in your brilliance, and I have every confidence that you will find the most sensible of paths along our journey together. May the poetic, musical, and love-filled adventures never end...

I will wait and force myself to be patient, even if I feel shipwrecked in the meantime. I must never doubt that someday we will meet in the middle. ❤ Loving you.

rivercat said...

I love the title you chose.

The love I sought is
The love i found is
still becoming


Chantelle said...


zonedin said...

Wandering daily for the wonder of you. Even if I can't reach you... you always reach me.

Miss Philosophy said...

If we are a metaphor of the universe, the human couple is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time. Octavio Paz

yingying said...

You make me wonder about so many things.

Anonymous said...

Not That Far To Go. Just Follow The Path, It Knows Which Way To Go Now. It Finds It's Own Way Home.

Unknown said...

And I know someway, somehow, someday we will touch again. And it may just be our paths crossing and our roads intertwining but it will be enough for me.