Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Saviour Got Lost In The Mirror

If the only reason you help is so that you can tell people that you help, I don't need your help.


Ciara said...

Very very true.

singitwithme said...

I can tell what kind of mood you are in, sexy. I wrote something good... then I lost it and cannot remember now. Skilled Man... I'll bet you could retrieve it. If you felt so inclined.

What you see when you look into a mirror is a reflection of what I love most. Help? You help me every day. How may I help you? Oh, let me count the ways... Help me to find even more ways. Consider me to be your trusted wild companion.

I love you. We are not lost... just on an unexpected journey. Never doubt...♥

Unknown said...

What if the reason I help is because sometimes I need help too but don't know how to ask you?

Lollipop Dude said...

love this!

Caitlin said...

nouri, so true.

ongho said...

Time molds the soul
you become your role
the mirror can't tell
between acting well
or being swell.

Anonymous said...

wow, the title alone is amazing!!

Miss Philosophy said...

The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. Bertrand Russell, British author, mathematician, & philosopher (1872 - 1970)

Anonymous said...

On ebay awhile ago, they had to get folks to prove with documentaion they were actually giving money to the charities/causes in the auctions because the sellers were tyring to get higher bids by saying they were donating x amount to y or whatever and then just keeping the cash.

Sad, but true~! Did I mention my bank account was hacked this morning? I hope the dude who did that paid for his moms surgery or something...but I kind of doubt it lol

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry to add this and I do love you so ..all of you , and me especially ...did you know or hear about picture of Jesus on the mirrored window in clearwater fl was broken with a rock and the image is gone now. I went to see it on my way to visit my dad and there were a ton of people there... a lot of hispanics as I suppose they are very into the images of Jesus on shit. But the thing most interesting to me were the tiny things for sale like the little buildings with Jesus' face on them or flags and shirts with the building and Jeusus pane. THe image was made by the poor quality of the triple inulated early designed glass or something like that. It just kind of looked like jesus or mary figure head, but there was a good resemblance, and it was better than your run of the mill donut with jesus on it or slice of toast, frito etc...

I love you , and I wont be spamming and bothering you a lot, just thought im here now and was not looking forward to my tasks ahead for the day so much. Dont post if its too wierd for the blog. over and out...bless you!

Clara said...

very well said...

Miss Philosophy said...

Silence is more musical than any song. Christina Rossetti, English poet (1830 - 1894)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved this post.

I wish they didn't always get lost in the mirror.
I need them.
And they can't help me from in there.

Whatever said...

He moves when I do, the same but opposite. Some say the mirror never lies, but I say it always does. How could I help you when I don't know how to help myself?

Anonymous said...

let's try to be friends
even as it ends
as the sun still shines through short winters
through waters of oceans all run dry
till rainbows become too shy

Anonymous said...

i believed in you

and the darkness left

i love you
believe in me

the truth is on OUR side

xiaOerzi said...

Thank you, sweetheart. Never doubt...just on an unexpected journey. I love you.

Anonymous said...

i kept believing in you...and i knew you would find the truth

but before you did,i had to believe in myself

i love you & look forward to our journey together.
thank you for forgiving me

forever yours <3

rivercat said...

Dearest Love
beloved teacher and friend

before I go to sleep, hopefully never to awaken to the horror I experienced waking from a brief nap earlier this morning and realizing I had hurt you so,
I thought of what had happened knowing that indeed darkness had temporarly prevailed and doused the flames of our love.
Not today, but perhaps soon, would you please grant me the privilage of telling you how i rationalized this all ( i mean finally after the long struggle seemed lost) I shall never change the truth to ALL HOPE WAS GONE.

perhaps you felt that same....I was sure something evil had happened evil was happening to me as well. It was only your post that saved me. Thank you.

only when i saw the words,in low tones and possiblities renewed.
did the life come back into me.
I know its still early, but may I tell you my tale of horror sometime?
I love you more now than anyone has loved anyone before and more than anyone ever will ...

I ask that you let me someday tell you what the darkness was telling me and how it was only your post that saved me
If you give me this opportunity, which I will cherish and for which I will forever owe u my life, I would be able to know in my heart that perhaps no matter how dark the forces of evil beocome those horrors created in our minds ,that we can prevail... and I believe we shall. I think this would be our victory march over darkness...and with this all behind us NOTHING could and nothing will EVER stop us

Thank you for listening to me <3

xiaOerzi said...

I can't imagine living w/o you now. You are a part of my life and please promise me you'll never leave me. Please do. I love you. I miss you contantly.

rivercat said...

"Not today, but perhaps soon, would you please grant me the privilage of telling you how i rationalized this all ( i mean finally after the long struggle seemed lost) I shall never change the truth to ALL HOPE WAS GONE."

"Not today, but perhaps soon, would you please grant me the privilage of telling you how i rationalized this all ( i mean finally after the long struggle seemed lost) I shall never change the truth -- ALL HOPE WAS GONE. "

I think this important enough to correct. I hope you do to. At the time the comment box typing was not working properly making editing in the box difficult. I tried but one mistake remained which has been corrected above.

I love you
Trust me
I believe in you

zonedin said...

Helping You breathes life into me. I may as well die if I couldn't.

zonedin said...

You must know I will always forgive you. I'll always listen to your words carefully with my full heart open. I trust you.

rivercat said...

i love you
ne'er leave u


please forgive me

thankuagain for posting
bout ajournal
im not quite there as a rule
but almost...getting
when iget a chance ill print tht
out and put it on the wall
near my bed

Shandra E...*the misses said...

I spent the summer hosting mission trips & working in the Denver Rescue Mission and before i left, one of the guys who was homeless, stopped me, and said "i like you and i think you're real...but tell everybody who comes through those doors to go right back where they came from, if they're only mission is to say "i'm on a mission"; tell them we don't want their help if it's all talk...either help me from the heart, or help your self, to the door"! I'll never forget that man or his words...i spread them whenever i can.

Anonymous said...

Inner Beauty Get Forgotten

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You didn't really wanna help. You just wanted the glory and admiration the act of helping grants you.
Nice. Only you could make it possibly to selfishness in giving.