Friday, July 9, 2010

The Diaries Of Foreign Lovers

You are so patriotic to your heart. It keeps the country together. But it tears the world apart.


.:::. said...

this reminds me of my ex. so selfish.

Unknown said...

Wonderful, as always. And I do so love your rhyming posts <3

D├ębora Silva said...

This reminds me myself.

zonedin said...

I'm perplexed by this... and the way I see it... Loving what is noble may not be right, but it holds my mind together while it tears my heart apart.

epsilon289 said...

Dear sir, i am very happy this blog exists right now.

thank you.

thelightlight said...

my smile muscles :) :)
needed a workout

thank you

trying to count up how many ways youve helped me become a stronger (& perhaps better too) person and im almost out of fingers

xox <3

Miss Philosophy said...

Survival of the fittest

thyartlife said...